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Burundi like Rwanda and Uganda has lush green nature. It’s predominantly covered by the Savanna vegetation (grassland interspersed with trees). Trees like eucalyptus, acacia, and oil palm are the most common trees with other types.
Differently and not like other countries, Burundi forest once extensive, are now concentrated in national parks and nature reserves, and so location varies . The great green life concentration therefore rewards Burundi ample diverse wildlife limited by dense human settlement, inclusive of elephants, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, wild boars, antelope, monkeys, and flying lemurs. Birds in Burundi include, Guinea hens, partridges, ducks, geese, quail, and snipe, are particularly plentiful around the northeastern lakes.

People come over again and again to at least glance at the animals and have walks and treks in the green parts of Burundi while engaging the local communities as well, and other activities like cattle rearing and agriculture.
Therefore Burundi’s’ vegetation takes up the Burundi forests of which provide a cool unique sight of thrilling beauty. 
Due to too much plant harvest and deforestation, Burundi lifted a ban on people practicing deforestation which led to extinction of Gorillas and some other animals that inhabit the forests of Burundi.
The green plant cover involves tall, thick, short cover plant which enables them to support birding among others. Today, afforestation is being encouraged in the bid to conserve nature's flora and Fauna.

With a multiplicity of extensive savannah range lands, with green pastures, trees, grasses among others. A lot of activities take place within the savannah lands in Burundi.

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