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Silver back Isabukuru, a 24 year old gorilla in Rwanda who was found dead on Sunday march/26/2017 after a decade of serious illness, it was reported that for the past two years he showed signs  of frequent series of diarrhea, but his body temperature, behavior and condition appeared to be normal.

Reports from Gorilla doctors (the Fossey Fund staff) say that for the past three months Isabukuru seemed to be losing muscle mass and strength, which they continued to monitor closely with stool analysis and regular veterinary assessments. It was also noted that Isabukuru had begun resting so much which indicated a sign of weakness leading to various females to migrate from his group. But still reports from doctors say Isabukuru’s cause of death has remained unknown.
The late silver back Isabukuru
On March 24, 2017, an intervention was performed on Isabukuru by an experienced team of veterinarians from the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) along with Fossey Fund trackers and researchers.   This intervention was done to serve as a hopeful last effort done to save Isabukuru, though his condition remained unpredictable.
Since silver back Isabukuru’s death, Kubaha (the second silverback of the group) took over and he has been peacefully leading the group since. Kubaha is also taking care of the three young gorillas who were adopted by silverback Isabukuru, as their mothers were transferred to other group when they were still young. The Fossey Fund trackers still monitor Kubaha to see his behavior and condition but reports say that he still leads the group peacefully and effectively.

Isabukuru’s personality and history was an inspiration; he had a special aspect of taking care of the young gorillas and adopting them. He was a brother to silverback Cantsbee, who was the longest reigning, most successful of the silverbacks studied by the Fossey Fund trackers over its 50 year history. Even as a young black back, he was famous because of his gigantic size despite his tender age and very popular among females which he broke away with from Cantsbee's group in 2007, and started his own group at just the age of 14 taking three females with him. We shall surely miss silver back Isabukuru and may his soul rest in eternal peace.

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