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Track and habituate Chimpanzees in Uganda's tropical forests: 

Primates in Uganda are remarkably its biggest tourism draw with the endangered mountain gorillas at the centre of it all.  Nonetheless, mountain gorillas are not the only great apes in Uganda. Chimpanzees can also be found in Uganda and various tourism activities like chimpanzee trekking offers you the perfect opportunity to mix and mingle with mankind’s closet relative.
Just like the gorillas, some chimpanzee groups have been habituated to full human contact and the Uganda Wildlife authority offers chimpanzee habituation experience for those seeking a perfect Uganda safari memory. The chimpanzee habituation experience guarantees you a full day’s worth with chimps as you get to know more about their cycle of life. 
The other alternative is the chimpanzee trekking that lasts of a maximum three hour with sixty minutes’ encounter with the great apes.  The Chimps are restricted to Africa and share 98% of their genes with humans. They mainly reside in dry and moist forests in central Africa. Due to Uganda’s warm weather and position in the equatorial region. The pearl of Africa is gifted with shelter for the chimpanzees.
Budongo Forest Reserve makes the inaugural spot where to find chimpanzees in Uganda. It is a tropical rain forest located in the northwest of the nation at the apex of the Albertine Rift. It is easily accessible with the journey by road taking about 3 hours from the capital Kampala. The forest is blessed with rich bio-diversity that ignites a cozy mood in the wild. This spot also offers thrilling Uganda birding safaris and can be combined with the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to catch a glimpse of the white rhinos and Murchison Falls National Park; the largest conservation area in the nation.
Dubbed the “Primate Capital of the World”, the Kibale National Park is the trendiest zone to view chimpanzees in Uganda. The park has over 70 mammal species with 13 primates and 375 bird species. The common chimpanzee, mongabey, red colobus monkey, blue monkey and black and white colobus monkey are among creature found in the park.  A Uganda safari trip to Kibale brings you closer to the elephants, leopards, warthogs and buffaloes that can be enjoyed on the trip.
If time isn’t your best ally but you wish to sight chimpanzees while in Uganda, the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is just the place suited for you. The sanctuary is a floating land mass surrounded by the blue waters of Lake Victoria. It sits on a 100-acre piece of land that is gazette as a new home for orphaned chimps from all over the country. It a worthwhile short Uganda trip/excursion to observe the 49 great apes being 45 minutes by road and 20 by air from Entebbe.
 In addition to that the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Entebbe Zoo) is also within the vicinity and has a few primates for viewing.
Adjacent to the Kibale Forest National Park lies the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve that offers more serene and calm chimpanzee trekking in the savannah. The reserve has seen a major hike in the animal populations in the park. Lions, elephants, hyenas and bushbucks are hosted in the park together with 440 bird species. The chimps here can be found chilling in the savanna and walk upright as they trod over this light forest.
This series cannot be complete without mentioning the Queen Elizabeth National park. It is prominent for its tree climbing lions of Ishasha and the Kazinga Channel; where various wildlife congregates to take a sip of water. Queen Elizabeth’s population of chimps is not well but thrives in the 100 metre deep Kyambura Gorge. This thrilling landmark is also referred to as the “Valley of Apes”. The exodus into the gorge starts out with lush green and verdant vegetation with beautiful canopies and just adequate sunlight.

To crown it all, chimpanzees are one of the magnificent creatures you can encounter while on a tour to Uganda. The pearl of Africa guarantees you all the best spots to suit your liking and pocket as you dream, explore and discover Uganda. 

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