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In East Africa Uganda offers great opportunities for visitors looking for the amazing chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda.
The most interesting part of Uganda is that it’s home to over 5,000 chimpanzees in both its conservation areas and the areas that are not considered as protected areas. Uganda has 5 major destinations for chimp habituation; these include, Budongo forest covering places like Masindi, Buliisa, Kiryandongo, Nebbi, and Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park, Kalinzu forest reserve, Toro - Semuliki reserve and Kibale national park which is the most popular for Chimpanzee Habituation experience in Uganda (CHEX).
Chimp tracking is only for 2 hours but chimp habituation is an amazing experience where one stays for an entire day in the jungles with chimps, man’s closest relatives, watching how they live, and feeding habits.
Chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda is a long lasting experience where guests take a full day with the chimps that are undergoing a habituation process in a particular chimpanzee community. During chimp habituation, visitors spend the entire day with chimps as they rise from the sleep and back to their nests, amazingly the chimp habituation is geared at getting a dipper understanding on how chimpanzees get used to human presence through drifting away the fears and it is a long process which takes a period of two years before a particular group of chimp is fully habituated.
In Uganda, to get a great experience one has to make a best choice by travelling to Kibale national park or Budongo forest where this activity can be done and viewing other primates in Uganda as well. The protocol to be followed is waking up at dawn, at 6:00 am for one to be able to observe how they wake up, and watching their entire day’s activities like copulation, breast feeding, hunting, resting, and patrolling within their demarcated territories, and also observing how critical and creative they are when setting up their overnight nests at 1 pm in the afternoon. This doesn’t only seem like watching their activities that they perform but also learning various unique features of chimpanzees like the chimp troops, their marking, scars among others that makes them standout; just have your camera at work and you will have a reason to tell how amazing a  chimpanzee habituation experience in Uganda feels like. One may think it’s like watching an interesting movie but this is real with full and memorable episodes for the whole season of chimpanzee habituation.

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