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Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National park.

One of Uganda’s remarkable tropical rainforest is Kibale National Park, founded in 1993 shared between Kabarole and Kamwenge districts. The park is acknowledged as a capital for the primates in the whole world with over 1500 wild chimpanzees and other primates which encourage endless forest treks in the park, including Red Colobus monkeys, rare L’Hoests, olive Baboons, bush babies and Mangabeys.
The national park also inhabits very many large animals like Forest elephants, Antelopes, Bush pigs, Giant forest hogs and many uncommon bird species for bird lovers like green breasted pitas, the horn bills, African grey parrots, thus meaning visitors can combine their chimpanzee trekking safari with incredible birding tours encounter in this national park.

Chimpanzee tracking is the primary activity in Kibale National park which is carried out by group of 6 to 8 people so that they can be monitored and escorted by the tour guide and given 1 hour to stay with the primates. All visitors are advised to listen to the tour guides / park rangers and also follow the rules and guidelines given by the park authorities, and any visitor suffering from various infections are not allowed to track in order to prevent them from spreading their diseases to the animals, since they are susceptible to humans.
Visitors are encouraged to book early so that they don’t be disappointed if tickets are sold out and fail to get a chance to tour.
On the hand, Kibale national park is not only home for chimpanzee trekking, but also chimpanzee habituation experience. The habituation encounter provides a chance to the visitors to follow the chimpanzees’ daily activities and notice their daily routine until chimpanzees get used to human presence hence making it so easy for chimps to be trekked.
The best period of time for chimpanzee tracking is dry seasons June to September and December to February these seasons enable one also to view other wild animals.
One can access Kibale National Park by road, covering 300 kilometers from Kampala to fort portal and 36 kilometers from Fort portal town Kanyanchu visitors centre.
The chimpanzee tracking is the most remarkable adventure that should always be included in everyone’s itinerary during their Uganda safaris.  

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