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Ever imagined of a cheap gorilla trip in Africa? 

Africa is a continent of diverse nature, particularly filled with unique culture, abundant bird life, amazing people, magnificent scenery, towering mountains and shimmering lakes and rivers not found anywhere else in the world. 
In addition, Africa harbors some of the rarest species of both birds and mammals that are so endemic and unique to this continent. Particularly, one of those rare and sought after species is the Mountain gorilla; only found in 3 East African countries namely Uganda, Rwanda and D.R.Congo, the mountain gorillas are so elusive, gentle and humble to look at.

These countries are the real homes of gorilla trekking safaris in Africa and only place in the world where one can have a face to face encounter with these gentle apes. 
A safari in Africa introduces travellers to its magic that captivates with its sights and sounds different from any other part of the world. However, if it’s a gorilla safari, where can one best track these gentle giants of the jungle other than East Africa?
Uganda is a #1 destination most curious and adventurous travellers admire for its top notch gorilla safari experiences and friendly prices. Half of the world's mountain gorilla population live in Bwindi Impenetrable National parka secret tropical forest in south western Uganda which is recognized as a heritage site by UNESCO.
Bwindi is a one day drive from the capital Kampala and with relatively less developed roads, making the region inaccessible as compared to Rwanda, but the experience is worth it. Half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas dwell in this forest. For bird watchers, it’s a haven with over 350 bird species and 200 kinds of butterflies. A gorilla permit in Uganda costs only 600 USD.
Besides Bwindi national park, travellers can also trek mountain gorillas in Mgahinga gorilla national park, also located in the south western part of Uganda. The big numbers of gorillas in Uganda’s forests, the assured security and calmness and relatively cheap permits have risen Uganda’s flagship as Africa’s best gorilla trekking destination. If there is anything that one should not miss in life, its gorilla trekking in Uganda.
Rwanda is Africa’s most thrilling gorilla trekking destination, this small sized East African country is easily accessed with its flamboyant Rwandair’s direct and interconnecting flights to the western and American world. Rwanda’s major gorilla destination, Volcanoes National Park is home to a third of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas and lies only 80 kilometers north west of Kigali, the capital city. Rwanda’s gorilla permit costs a staggering 1500 USD and the chances of spotting these big apes are up to 90%. You can even pay your last respects at Dian Fossey’s grave, the elusive golden monkeys, forest birds and other wildlife species. If one ever thought of an African safari, it should be a gorilla safari in Rwanda
D. R. Congo on the other hand is a small and perfectly composed destination with relatively little popularity.  It is a country with both mountain and lowland gorillas. These lowland gorillas are smaller and less hairy unlike their cousins, the mountain gorillas. Spice your gorilla trek with big game viewing, nature walks and bird watching while on a safari in Congo.
A gorilla permit in Congo costs 400 USD, making it the cheapest option to trek gorillas in Africa than Uganda and Rwanda; however the insecurities in Congo have scared off several travelers to the country. Also the less developed roads and accommodation facilities to facilitate an unforgettable gorilla trekking experience in Congo have hindered tourism development in the country. This is why Uganda still ranks up as the best gorilla trekking destination in Africa despite Congo’s cheaper permits and Rwanda’s direct flights to the western world.

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