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Located in the southwestern region of Uganda at the boarder of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bwindi impenetrable forest national park covers an area of 331 square kilometers in the highest parts of the Kigezi hills. It is a home to almost half of the world’s only remaining mountain gorillas, and this is its flagship, offering the best gorilla safaris in Uganda.
Most of the travelers, or probably all popularly know this park as the most prominent destination for the most ultimate gorilla trekking experience in Africa. This has made the park to majorly attract gorilla lovers yet it also features other tourism activities like the Batwa cultural encounters and nature walks.
Nature walks are simply walks in the jungles that let you appreciate the tranquility and gifts of nature. It is one of the greatest ways to soothe your mind.
About nature walks in Bwindi impenetrable forest, six trails have been developed and well maintained to ensure that tourists have unforgettable experiences to view different birds plus primates like the mountain gorillas, monkeys, baboons among others while on their safaris in Uganda.

 Muyanga Waterfall Walk departing from Buhoma along the River Ivi-Nkuringo trail and culminates in the historic sight of the falls. The walk is partially along the track going through the forest and the other part is a bush track with log bridges at river crossings. The trail covers a total distance of about 9km return and offers a pleasant afternoon's walk. Both the journey to and from the waterfalls themselves are very scenic making a nature walk a delightful way to spend an afternoon while on a Uganda safari in Bwindi.
Rushura Hill Walk. This passes through the one forest shared by two countries. Depending on the weather, on a clear day you have an opportunity to view Lakes Edward and George, the Rwenzori Mountains and the conical peaks of the Virunga Volcanoes as you climb up to the highest point around Buhoma and you descend through cultivated fields regenerating forests.
The Habinyanja Trail also known as the Railegh trail takes 4-6hrs. Having crossed the Munyaga River, it fairly slopes down of the Habigorogoro and Riyovi Ridge overlooking Buhoma River. Along the trail you find the legendry “African Corner” which was named after a rock piece depicting a map of Africa. Further descending, hikers enjoy a more relaxed gentle slope to the mighty Habinyanja swamp. Also birders on this trail can spot the Pel’s Fishing Owl, African Black Duck and Black Bee Eaters, among others.
The Buhoma-Nkuringo Trail crosses right through the park. It takes three to four hours connecting the two villages and offering stunning views of the misty hillsides. This trail can also be completed as part of the Ivi River Walk. Identify several bird and butterfly species, trees and primates like gorillas, monkeys among others all on a nature walk along this trail in Bwindi.
Muzubijiro Loop 6km trail walks around a hill and gives one a chance to encounter primates, birds and enjoy a view of the Virungas. As you ascend through the forest to the Rukubira Hill, you are rewarded with excellent views of the Virunga Volcano chain and the Western Rift Valley below. The top of this trail is an amazing place for a picnic lunch.
The Ivi River Walk is 14 km passing a place known as Mukempunu which means “a place of pigs” because many wild pigs are always found here. The trail goes through an old road in the forest and it’s a full day’s hike with the most fabulous experience. It is very scenic with viewpoints along the way, monkeys, bush pigs, butterflies, birds and villagers on the way some coming from the market.
If you ever come for a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, particularly in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, you can alternatively go for the popular Buhoma Village walk and have an experience of its own.

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