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Uganda's Scenery - Bwindi Impenetrable national park
Uganda being dubbed the pearl of Africa is its other signature name which did not come as a mistake. It is surely important to note that Uganda has had various people who have come to a conclusion that indeed it is a magical nation. As named earlier by Winston Churchill who is said to have trekked the whole country 100 years ago, much more to this is because of her natural and cultural endowments and remarkable wonders.  

Beautiful scenery has been one of those tremendous endowments that pull visitors to come for scenic tours in Uganda.
Uganda enjoys a calm tropical climate throughout the entire year, which creates a very conducive environment for various wildlife to thrive, ranging from ancient forests (like Bwindi), Uganda and its world’s largest fresh water lake (Lake Victoria), mountains (Rwenzori), variety of primates (chimpanzees and gorillas) and the source of the magical River Nile.

The mixture of both dry and wet seasons, however offers different avenues to make a successful site seeing adventure in Uganda. From the undulating slopes and mountains of Kigezi and the jugged Rwenzori Mountains, the flat lands of Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth national park, the views of Karamoja plains, the mystical vegetation of Bwindi impenetrable national park, extensive plantations, people’s homesteads and their culture all form a rich site seeing encounter in Uganda.
When you choose to take a tour to Uganda, you won't fail to admire the great panorama in the country side that this magical pearl of Africa offers. 

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