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Pasika, a female Gorilla with her baby in Giraneza's group 
To love and to cherish wild life is one of those few steps to walk a journey of conservation. Africa is endowed with different species from the fauna to flora all if given a second thought, will surely live generations to come.

Mountain gorillas in East Africa are a great target by the furious forces of nature fostering their destruction that eventually may led them to their extinction and disappearance.
Away from being killed by human nature, these are in trouble especially when their habitats are destroyed by ruthless individuals, natural calamities and with less help succumb to long illnesses that lead to their death.
Of late, the great leading mountain gorilla silverback heading one the families in Volcanoes National Park is echoed to be missing as concerned by Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund staff.
The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund for many years has taken up the surveillance role in this particular part of Rwanda to ensure survival of the mighty Gorillas in Volcanoes National park. With fewer than 880 individuals remaining, mountain gorillas are one of the world’s most-endangered primates and so this kind of close observation is of critical importance by lovers of gorillas in the world.
silverback is usually referred to as the only adult male in a family of Gorilla who protects the mothers and infants.
"The Silverback Giraneza, aged 22 years disappeared last week, only to be found several kilometers away from the monitoring zone which presents signs of illness and a great threat to the gorilla conservation industry", noted Dian Fossey Fund staff member.
It should be noted that the silver back and its group are usually spotted together or in the same range which makes a group more secure and complete.
Much care is given to the all-time nine month females to deliver safely and then take care of infants. Because they are so vulnerable, Gorilla infants are completely dependent on their mothers at a tender age allowing the mothers carry on parenthood especially caring for them, feeding them among others.
Because of being victims to bad weather, illness and susceptible injuries, the silverback is supposed to offer protection to the females and infants against any threat all the time. 
To continue having great Gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, let’s strive to save the lives of the mighty mountain gorillas and other wildlife.

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