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The creature that is so close to man’s genetics grows and lives in east Africa’s forests, in Uganda, Rwanda & DR. Congo. Mountain gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda is among the top activities that gives you the greatest wildlife experience in the world. In Uganda and Rwanda you’ll find national parks that are blessed to protect the local primate populations and they will allow you get in contact with these amazing creatures. 
It is a long way to get there, let that not scare you because it’s worth it any way!
Get prepared with Gorilla trekking tips in Uganda.
·  Few tracking permits are issued out every day per gorilla family / group, therefore book you permit as early as possible.
·  When you’re sick, suffering from any infectious disease, you won’t be allowed to visit the gorillas. Gorillas are very vulnerable to human diseases.
·  The time you will spend tracking will be limited to only 1 hour of interacting with them, and 6 hours of trekking through the jungles. The time is limited in order to reduce behavioral disturbance, stress and possible risk of infection.
·  Due to the muddy slopes in the area, carry good closed walking boots; remember also to put on long trousers so that you are protected from the biting red ants.
·  Climate changes throughout the year, please pack a waterproof jacket and warm clothes because it may get cold at high altitudes.
·  When you get 2000 cm from the gorillas, you’re told to ditch your bags and take pictures with you cameras and phones.
·  When tracking you may grab trees, branches and vines, your hands can get scratched. Therefore pack tough old pairs of gardening gloves.
·  Flash photography is not allowed. It may threaten or provoke the gorillas and they charge.
·  When tracking, listen and follow the guides’ instructions and also stay away 7 meters from the gorillas and you’re not allowed to spread out.
·  Visitors should not raise hands and arms that means body language is very important because, Gorillas there behaviors are signs of threat.

·  When the gorilla beats his chest, or charges at you, you are advised to stay calm and don’t run because it is safe to stay quiet and in one position.
You are advised to abide by the above simple tips in order to have an awe-inspiring moment when trekking gorillas in Uganda

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