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Budongo Forest hails with in the western realm of the Pearl of Africa, Uganda. Budongo covers an area of 318.5mi2 and the nearest town is Masindi, it can also be traced for in the north western direction of Kampala-Uganda’s capital, one takes the route to the lavishing Murchison falls National Park to whose south stands the foundations of the great Budongo forest. 
It also lays on the north eastern escarpment of yet another popular attraction, Lake Albert; locals call it a magical forest because of the diligent efforts by the area’s traditional kings to protect it over generations. The Budongo forest is just a three (3) hours’ drive away from Kampala on road via Masindi, it’s a significant East African Forest, because back in the 90’s it was used for research purposes, intended to generate ways of conserving chimpanzees and it possessed a great deal of good mahogany trees. Budongo Forest is famous for chimpanzee trekking tours in Uganda.
Budongo forest is the biggest natural surviving forest in the country with a total surface of 825 square km approximately; to some people Budongo is a single day chimpanzee trek outing in Uganda. It’s a home for habituated chimpanzees that rise to a collection of up to 80 in number, indeed nature thrives in the Budongo forest and this is the flawless point to engage in this rather elating chimp trekking adventure with in the tropics. I recommend you to trek deep through the Budongo in your expedition to seek a chimpanzee troop; fact is, it’s such a magnificent experience and when you find one, there is guarantee of incredibly getting close, gazing at their interactions and watching their infants playing together will leave you feeling contented. And when the magic is felt, compel your guide to keep you close for an hour and then the greatest sentiments in your lives will rise and keep you drowned in ecstasy yielding into, ‘a once-in-a life time experience’, exactly the one you will live to tell all your life. And such is an example of unforgettable experience.
Just in the heart of Budongo lays the sparkling Budongo Eco Lodge and nominee for the ‘2011, Tourism for Tomorrow Conservation Awards!’ And the essence is to elevate quality in companion services and culminate into a high level of comfort and satisfaction of all tourists who visit Budongo Forest Reserve. With excelling services at hand, the Lodge presents pocket friendly accommodation, serving you in one of the most beautiful natural environments, characterized with a natural calm, threshing and thrilling eco sounds of birds and primates, and definitely splendid sights at nature; chimpanzees, vervet monkeys, birds and vegetation. How wonderful! In Budongo, nature is truly at its best.

Come explore Uganda by undertaking a Chimpanzee trekking safari within Budongo forest and go back to spread the good news about what you seen and help bring another visitor to experience exactly the same. On a good note, please be kind to nature and yourself by listening and practicing the rules that will be dictated by your guide, because the safety of our clients and what we offer too is paramount.

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