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Rwanda possesses one Gorilla tracking point as inscribed in this line; the naturally furnished Volcanoes National park and referred to in French as “Parc Nationale Des Volcans.” During your gorilla trekking in the vibrant Virunga massif, prepare to wake up exceedingly early particularly at dawn, and thus a visitor is advised to book the closest accommodation facility they can  avail or that is presented to them. An African gorilla guide starts briefing the esteemed guests at 7 am daily about security precautions as the etiquette of the park is, this park has a great number of trained cum experienced gorilla guides that are bilingual, fluent in English and French which is essential for their interaction with the tourists.

Together with other members (of your group or other park ranges and responsible staff), you will be led to the forest and commence point of the hike which by the way, may be incommodious depending on one’s physic, the element of hiking is inevitable because gorillas in this national park live in the mountains! This adorable adventure can exceed a simple thirty minutes’ walk and climax into hours, therefore, patience and enthusiasm is all required.
A middle-aged silverback (dominant male) weighs an enormous 200 kg and sometimes more, as three times greater than a grown up man, over his average weight, truly your anxiety weighs off when you empirically experience your meeting with these gentle giants. 
Usually a group of gorillas can be scattered over given small area of thick vegetation, their feeding and interaction continues on going unhindered by the visitors’ presence but they will watch out for them (humans) with interest. The most blistering experience yields up when a playful juvenile (gorilla) makes a bold approach directed towards your group, you will be compelled to retreat, this is a fearful saying but it is indeed true. This experience will last eternally in your life. But you will be requested to keep a safe distance of 7 meters away to avert conflict between animals and visitors and human-animal diseases.
A gorilla trek permit costs USD 1500 apparently (2017) per person for all foreign visitors or non-nationals however individual tour operators in Rwanda also price different because of some unavoidable hindrances or friction that can arise out of friction in terms of accommodation, vehicle, season, even operation costs of the company. And thence a safari package for instance: 2 days gorilla tour costs $1900 to $2000 and 3 days gorilla tracking Rwanda $ 2100 to $ 3000. The notable Volcanoes National Park Rwanda is 109 km away from Kigali (Rwanda’s capital), drive time is 2 hr 18 min without traffic, there are plenty of glamorous accommodation facilities that wait to amalgamate the guests’ trip with endless comfort when it comes to support services and so, they will encounter quite the exceeding experience. The eminent safari lodges include, Sabyinyo Silverback lodge-very irresistible, Virunga lodge and Mountain Gorilla Lodge. There are also gorilla events, the famous Kwiita Izina ceremony of naming mountain gorilla. 

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