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As a simile goes, “As lovely as babies”, for real there is nothing in the world that is more lovely than babies. It was again great joy and celebrations on the 21st June the year 2017, as our female mountain gorilla Rugira gave birth to her first infant, helping to solidify the success of her group led by silverback

Musilikale’s physical strength, size and antagonistic attitude convinced Rugira that he would be her perfect partner and protector ending up falling for him.
According to Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, the regular monitoring team of Musilikale’s group in the Rwanda’s volcanoes National park, this group was formed in 2013 and since then Musilikale has attracted a record of seven females and there have been four births in the group including the latest from mother Rugira. It was in 2015 that Rugira interestingly joined the group after seeing the potential of becoming a lead silverback. Surprisingly, in the following year, Rugira’s mother Muganga also joined the same group after so many years of separation. This is not as rare as it might seem due to the overall population growth among the mountain gorillas in this part of the world.  Such familiarity can be beneficial in helping young infants like Rugira’s as well as aiding in their social development, just like Rugira has been guided by her mother Muganga all along ever since she joined the group.
And when Rugira made 10years, it became her turn to swallow the pin and get pregnant. Just like other female mountain gorillas, she also carried her baby in her womb for 8.5 months, and it was her lucky day on the 21st of June. She gave life to a new born for us to see, to care for, protect and to love. According to studies and the behavior mannerisms of the mountain gorillas, she is to give birth again in the next four years.

We are so lucky to have a baby born, it brings joy to family. Rugira’s baby is so lucky that there are other three infants in the group for future playing and learning opportunities. We are looking forward to seeing this innocent life grow into a beautiful gentle giant of the rainforest. It’s so breathe taking seeing Rugira heartedly hugging her little one. You cannot imagine the love these two have towards each other that is most manifested when she is breastfeeding her new born baby. Truly, Musilikale’s family became more live with this new born creature. It’s worth a watch, during one of spectacular gorilla trekking tours in Rwanda

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