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All gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo start with a simple briefing, its one thing trekkers can never miss if they are to be allowed to go for gorillas in Volcanoes national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga national park or Virunga national park.
Gorilla trekking briefing is done in the morning before trekkers embark on their hunt for the gentle apes in the forest. It is done at the park headquarters by the park ranger guide. This is why it is advisable that trekkers stay in lodges close to the starting points so that they reach in time for briefing.
This is a very important act and done in every home of the gorillas to ensure the conservation of the gorillas as well as the safety of the trekkers in the sight of the humble giants. As soon as it is done, start the journey to the forest to behold the critically endangered species of the jungle.
This simple briefing involves the checking of the passports for basic information like the nationality and age since there is an age limit for Uganda gorilla trekking. A visitor with 15 years of age and below is not allowed to trek the giants. The park ranger cross checks the passports and any other important documents that might be required before, during or after the trek in the forest just to record which country more tourists.

Gorilla trekking briefing also includes checking of the validity of the gorilla permit to make sure everyone is rightfully present. Gorilla permits include the particular dates for trekking the mountain gorillas, so clients are not supposed to come after or before, and this is the very reason why Love Uganda Safaris advises its prospective customers to book like in 4-6 months in advance.
After registration and approval of the required documents, qualified trekkers are divided into groups of eight members to see a single gorilla family. For the conservation of these endangered apes and the natural setting of the parks, each gorilla group receives only eight visitors a day.
The park ranger guide also briefs the travelers on the dos and don’ts while moving the forest and with the gorillas. Trekkers are requested not to dump rubbish like polythenes and plastics in the forest and not to make noise while searching for the gorillas.  They are also advised not to get so close to the gorillas and not to feed them. The ranger guide still tells the clients to take as many photos as they want provided their cameras have no flashes.
Trekkers of old age are also told the importance of taking porters or sedan chairs with them. The fact that gorilla trekking in Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo involves a little hiking, some elderly people may not be able to walk to the gorillas, in such cases, a porter and a sedan chair could be of help.
The ranger guide also informs trekkers the time that the gorilla trek is likely to take. It is usually 1-8 hours depending on the luck of the group. One group can find its gorilla family in one hour and the other can take 8 hours and still not find it. And on spotting the formidable gorillas, have a one hour encounter with them, watching them jump from one tree branch to another and taking photos. Immediately after that magical hour, then descend from the forest for refreshments.
It is still during the briefing time that trekkers are free to ask as many questions as they feel dissatisfied with the briefing. Trekkers tend to ask more questions about gorilla trekking rules and regulations and more information as anyone would wish to know.
Remember that for any successful gorilla trek in Rwanda, DR Congo or Uganda, it should be done by following the rules.

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