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Gorilla trekking being the most selling tourism product in Africa, it has bewitched thousands of tourists to flock to the continent just to have sights of the extremely amazing gentle giants of the forestry.
Unfortunately, only three African countries of Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo offer gorilla trekking safaris. They are the only prime homes of the mountain gorillas with the totality of the remaining population of these apes in the world.
Yes, all these three countries offer stunning experiences while trekking the forest giants, but a single trip to all the gorilla homes would probably be too expensive and not affordable. So the question is, what is the best gorilla trekking destination in Africa? Several travel experts have chosen Uganda basing on some assorted reasons.
Uganda having the largest population of mountain gorillas compared to other gorilla homes in Africa makes it the best gorilla destination. Half of the world’s total remaining mountain gorillas lives in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahiga national park. The over 400 endangered apes are grouped into 12 habituated gorilla families. So a gorilla tour in Uganda gives travelers 98% chances of watching the jungle giants in their natural habitats.
Gorilla safaris in Uganda are more affordable compared to other gorilla tours in Africa. A gorilla permit in Uganda costs 600 USD, while that of Rwanda is 1500 USD, doubling that of Uganda. This makes Rwanda a luxury destination that most of the travelers can’t afford. It’s surprising how a one day gorilla trek in Rwanda can cost the same as the 3 days gorilla tour in Uganda. For the gorilla permits in DR Congo are way cheaper than Uganda’s at 450 USD, though the risk that comes with the insecurity in the country costs way higher than in Uganda, making it still the best destination for gorilla trekking in Africa.

Uganda as a country is safe and secure. Unlike DR Congo that is still facing several rebels, killings of game rangers and constant poaching in its Virunga national park; the paramount home of gorillas in Congo, Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park are in safe areas as there are no more conflicts and rebel groups in Uganda. So the peace and security in Uganda is just convincing enough for it to be the best destination for gorilla trekking.
The additional activities on a gorilla trip in Uganda still push destination Uganda to momentums in Africa. Having encountered the gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest, travelers can have cultural encounters with the Batwa pygmies of the forest, the first inhabitants of this ancient forest. Still on the same Uganda gorilla tour, have thrilling wildlife encounters, spot the buffaloes, elephants, lions, oribis, warthogs, bush bucks and other mammal species in Queen Elizabeth national park. Other tourists have opted for chimp trekking in Kibale national park to come in face to face contact with the our closest cousins in the forests. Also bird lovers cannot miss out on any safari in Uganda since it’s a birder’s paradise.
Difference in the nature of the landscape. Trekking the gorillas in Uganda involves a simple hike into the impenetrable forest, making it appropriate to even the non-physically fit people and the aged. However, gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Congo is a hike to the steep slopes of the Virunga chained mountains, an activity that is so hectic though rewarding. This still makes Uganda best for gorilla trekking.
They are just the simple things that make Uganda a better gorilla destination than Rwanda and DR Congo. And without these two countries adjusting, Uganda is to continue ranking on top for the best gorilla trekking experiences in Africa.

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