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For several travelers on gorilla trekking safaris yearn to understand the gorilla tour cost inclusions to help them budget and also burn the feeling of being cheated by tour operators.
In order to avoid limited expenditures that sometimes even dampen the vacationers’ enjoyment and relaxation, it is very key to know what a gorilla tour cost covers and not.
At first sight, one can probably think that a gorilla trip is way too expensive than any other vacation. But the cost depends on the journey distance to the gorilla home, the price of a gorilla permit, accommodation preferences; budget, midrange or luxury lodges, number of accompanying activities and number of travelers to trek the gorilla on the same trip. So the lesser the number, the more expensive it becomes.
A gorilla tour cost includes the gorilla permit. This is an indenture without which one cannot trek the gorillas in any gorilla home. It includes the gorilla trekking dates, park and region if applicable. A gorilla permit is priced differently in different gorilla countries, 600 USD, 1500 USD and 450 USD in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo respectively. A trekker with a permit is not obliged to any payment in the park, for it covers the entrance fees, visit to the giant apes, ranger fees and photography.
Any priced gorilla safari package still covers the transport costs to and from the gorilla destinations. Sometimes they may even include airport pickups and drop offs. In this, a very comfortable vehicle and the fuel fares are covered and all transfers to and from the sites that are to be visited.
A full package of a gorilla tour includes the accommodation for the tourists. However this depends on the nature of lodges that is preferred, budget lodges are the most affordable ones though with not the best quality services, the luxury are the high end lodges with extremely high prices though with unbeaten services and the mid range are the mediocre lodges. A fully paid gorilla trip covers all the accommodation expenses, trekkers don’t have to worry about where to dine and sleep.
Still on the same fare of a gorilla trekking tour, meals are covered. One time a tourism expert asked, “What is a trip without food?”, and indeed a traveler cannot simply survive without eating. Once a trekker pays for a gorilla tour, the tour operator caters for all the meals from breakfast to dinner. All the trekker has to do is to venture into the different thrilling activities and enjoy the fun.
Amazingly, a full gorilla tour package also covers all the accompanying activities to the gorilla trek plus the entrance fees to the additional tourism sites to be visited on the trip. It can’t be an African safari if it only goes to one destination in all the hidden and stunning destinations that Africa holds. And it doesn’t matter how many additional activities and other sites to be visited, if included in the itinerary, it’s catered for.
This tour fare still covers the driver guide fees. A guide who takes the trekker to and around the planned destinations doesn’t owe him any single penny, it is all covered by the tour operator. Unless it’s the will of the traveler to tip the guide in appreciation of the good services.
Note that a costed gorilla trip doesn’t cover the flight charges to and from the country of origin. It excludes the visa and passport fees, travel and health insurance, telephone calls, alcoholic drinks, gratuities like tips to drivers, guides and waiters, optional activities, laundry and other personal needs. However these might still vary depending on the tour operator.
In Africa there are only three countries where gorilla trekking is done, and done exclusively with thrilling lifetime experiences. Trek the gentle apes in Rwanda’s volcanoes national park; the oldest national park in Africa.
Gorilla trekking in Uganda is done in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park plus Kahuzi biega and Virunga national parks in DR Congo. It’s always merrymaking to trek the gorillas  Africa.

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